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The climate
The estate and its microclimates

Our estate is situated in the Penedès, a region which is 16km from the coast in a straight line. This location brings with it a series of climate conditions which are common to the whole of the Penedès. In general, the climate is mild and warm, influenced by the coastal and pre-coastal mountain ranges.

The Penedès is subjected to the Mestral and Ponent winds and the summer months are dominated by the Mediterranean Sea breezes. One of the main characteristics of the Penedès climate is that it is moist and humid and this enables us to practice arid farming with no irrigation.

Our estate is hilly, with elevations of between 200 and 400m above sea level, and this creates a range of different microclimates. It is important for us to interpret the relationship between the different microclimates and soils so that we can better understand the wines we create.

Lower part of the estate
The lower part of the estate sits in a small valley which has its own particular microclimate as the cold accumulates more here. This means that we can harvest cooler and fresher grapes and it also means that we have to prune later than normal to achieve 10-15 days of late flowering.

Higher part of the estate
Here the climate is mild and warm with the necessary amount of moisture to practice arid farming.