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Our ecosystem
Organic farming enables us to protect the flora and fauna of our natural environment

Organic and biodynamic farming enable us to protect the flora and fauna of our natural habitat. Biodiversity is essential to maintaining the ecosystem, and this means that we must protect the animals and plants which are native to a specific area. In our estate, we have worked hard to maintain the ecological and biological balance. To do this, there are certain animals and insects which we let live on our land as they help us in our pursuit of organic farming.

Specific cases
There is a small species of beetle on the estate called a blaveta, which lives off leaves. If we allow different types of wild herbs and grasses to grow in the hedgerows of our vineyards, then the beetles will eat these leaves and not the vine leaves. Therefore, we do not need to use any synthetic chemical products to eliminate them because we have maintained a natural balance for all of the plant and animal life that inhabit our vineyards.

We also have wild boars on the estate and we do try to respect them. Eudald doesn't have a problem with them if they eat the odd bunch of grapes, as long as they do not damage the vineyard.

As well as growing grapevines, we also plant cereals and grains. Once a vineyard has been uprooted, instead of simply leaving the land aside, we plant organic wheat for 6 to 7 years in order to make organic bread. When we plant cereals, the soil is aerated and regenerated. In addition, the straw left on the soil as a result of the wheat harvest is shredded and then stored, providing a great source of silica.