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30 hectareas of vineyards
Entirely farmed organically and in keeping with the biodynamic principles of our ancestors

Organic and biodynamic farming are the cornerstones of our work philosophy. We aim to create balance between the natural habitat and all of the flora and fauna which inhabit it. The energy coming from the moon and the earth determine our calendar of work in the vineyard and the cellar. We believe and respect nature and its balance. We want to be part part of it. That is why we believe in organic and biodynamic farming.

Our four golden rules
Our commitment
Organic farmingIt enables us to respect the environment fully because we use no herbicides, insecticides or synthetic products.
Biodynamic farmingWe seek a natural balance between plants and nature and therefore we respect their life cycle and work in harmony with the environment and its diversity. In order to develop this type of farming, we work the land taking into account the different biodynamic states, and by applying the different biodynamic preparations.
Balanced plant lifeWe call this the leaf-fruit effect, that is to say, the balance between the amount of fruit and its leaf surface in order to achieve optimum photosynthesis.
Balanced wasteWe return all waste to the place where it was generated, thereby closing the cycle and converting the estate into a sustainable wine estate.