The journey
The farmhouse: La Masia
According to documents uncovered recently, the farmhouse has been around for the last 300 years. The house where the cellar now stands has a long history. Just like many other Catalonian households, villages and cities, el Maset has been home to many generations since it was first built. A lot happens in 300 years. In 1946, a windmill was installed to generate energy for lightening and the first radio was purchased. In 1950, the first tractor arrived on the estate and years later, a truck was bought so that the family could deliver their wines in and around Barcelona. In 1963, electricity reached the estate and the family bought their first car.

Houses are places which store countless memories of the people who have lived there. Eudald was born here and has spent his entire life here, and this is extremely important for understanding just how much he loves this house and the estate. Eudald himself says that "the energy that you put into the house comes through the sparkling wines and still wines, because they reflect your experiences and memories".