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Protecting the landscape
We work so that the land which has cradled us remains the same as when our forefathers were here

The natural landscape and winescape surrounding the cellar is complemented by the architectural heritage of the Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs Monastery, located just 1km away from the estate. You can reach this Romanesque monastery dating back to the year 850 by taking a picturesque walk through our vineyards.

One of the best ways of defining the landscape that surrounds the estate is silence and tranquility. We have thirty hectares of land which change with each of the four seasons. Different colours, sensations and pictures that create a new postcard of each season, but always conveying a seductive sense of calm. The vineyards surrounding the cellar and farmhouse convey this sense of calm perfectly. We work so that the land which has seen us grow, remains the same as when our grandparents were around.