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A privileged land
A unique land for winegrowing

The Penedès is situated in a privileged territory halfway between Barcelona and Tarragona, between the sea and the mountains. The Penedès landscape is warm and harmonious, full of Mediterranean light, where, depending on where you are, you can see the sea, the Pyrenees or the Montserrat mountain range. This harmony would not be complete without its defining feature: the vineyards. Winegrowing in this part of the world has become the art of working and shaping the land; an art which has been passed down from generation to generation. The care with which the vineyards are treated is complemented by the traditional methods used in the still and sparkling wine-making processes. Although traditional and careful methods are used both in the vineyard and the cellar, modern innovations are also incorporated so that we can progress without losing our essence. The different types of soil, grape varieties and the art of working the land are what make the Penedès a territory with its own identity; one that is is firmly rooted in winegrowing but which is also complemented by its culture and heritage.