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10 varieties
We cook the varieties to make the wines

At the Eudald Massana Noya winery we grow both white and red grape varieties. The native Penedès white varieties are Macabeu, Xarel·lo i Parellada, but we also have Chardonnay, Muscat and Viogner. The red grape varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Ull de Llebre, Marselan, Pinot Noir and Petit Verdot. Each variety has its own personality, and because we want to create a wine to suit every personality, we therefore plant and grow different varieties.

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    The personality of the Penedès

    This is considered as the queen of all of the native Penedès grape varieties. It is not very compact and produces medium-sized grapes. It naturally gives mineral and saline aromas and we plant it on the higher part of the estate where there are lots of marine fossils. Xarel.lo also gives aromas of white-fleshed fruits. It is particularly well suited to ageing as it acquires depth, volume and sumptuousness over time. We have to treat this variety differently depending on the style of wine or sparkling wine which we intend to elaborate. In wines, Xarel.lo gives great personality and structure. It makes an appearance in our Cepell Blanc; it is the protagonist of our Avi Ton and is present in all of our sparkling wines.

  • Original varietats macabeu

    This variety is planted on the lower parts of the estate and it produces large grapes on compact bunches. When well matured, this is a great variety for sparkling wines, as it gives roundness. It typically gives aromas of apple or banana and also brioche and freshly-baked bread. It is an elegant and subtle variety which makes an appearance in our young Cepell Blanc wine and in all of our sparkling wines.

  • Original varietats parellada

    This is one of the oldest varieties on our estate and produces large grapes on moderately compact bunches. It is a late-flowering variety which gives predominantly floral aromas and has medium acidity. It tends to produce wines with low alcohol content which make it a perfect blending variety in the base wine for Cava. We use this variety in two of our sparkling wines: Família and Reserva.

  • Original varietats moscat

    This is an extremely ancient variety which was highly valued by the Greeks and Romans. It produces large grapes on loose clusters. The grapes are thick-skinned, fleshy and pale yellow in colour. This variety has great aromatic and terpenic complexity, and we use it to add a touch of joy and vitality to our wine. It features in our Cepell Blanc wine.

  • Original varietats chardonnay

    This variety produces small to medium-size grapes. It provides the structure or backbone of our aged still wines and sparkling wines, but when we use it in younger wines, it gives tropical notes, spicy notes and a lot of personality. It also gives our sparkling wines a lengthier finish and makes an appearance in our Reserva and Mil•lenni cavas.

  • Original varietats viogner

    This is a variety with great structure and a long finish. It gives floral notes, and hints of peach, pear and violets. When we blend this variety with Macabeu, it produces spectacular aromas. We use it in the elaboration of our white wine and is present in our Cepell Blanc wine.

  • Original varietats cabernet
    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Structure and smoothness

    This is one of the classic Bordeaux varieties, but it has adapted perfectly to our soil and climate. It produces small grapes on loose bunches. This variety has great structure and colour concentration. It is perfect for giving body to wine and for creating aged wines. It gives aromas of spices, forest fruits and red-berry fruits, and is present in our Cepell Negre and also La Creueta.

  • Original varietats merlot

    Although this is a French variety, it is planted all over the world. It has a distinctive ruby red colour and is fruity, giving notes of red-berry fruits such as plum. It is particularly suited to making aged wines, as it brings smoothness and also a meaty substance to the wines. We use it both in red and rosé wines and is present in our Cepell Rosat, Cepell Negre and La Creueta.

  • Original varietats ull de llebre
    Ull de llebre / Tempranillo

    This is an extremely full-bodied fruity variety, and gives aromas of red-berries. It provides the perfect foundation for young wines and is also suited to aged wines. It is used in the elaboration of our Cepell Negre.

  • Original varietats petit verdot
    Petit Verdot
    The finishing touch

    This variety creates wines of a purplish-blue red colour, and brings colour, structure and tannins. It gives aromas of spices and forest fruits and gives a special taste to aged wines when it is blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. We use it in La Creueta.