Trees are a chronological marker of time, people, and the landscape. In front of the farmhouse there is a pine tree. It was mixed up with some other trees when it was brought here by my grandfather Josep Massana Carbó to make the garden look more attractive. Even though the tree was very small and seemed unlikely to take or even survive, my grandfather decided to plant it and give it a fighting chance. Over the years, the pine tree rooted firmly to the ground and it is now over 30 metres in high. We could look at this a metaphor for what has happened to our family. You can achieve great things when you persevere and consistently work hard.
Ever-present wine
During the summers of the 1960s and 1970s, the farmhouse was full of visiting relatives who lived further afield: aunts, cousins and friends. There were always children running around the estate, getting into some form of mischief or other. Like a famous egg fight which broke out once! You can just imagine what the adults must have thought when they saw us, as we had been told to collect eggs from the chicken coop. Another funny episode was when we would drink wine straight from the barrel. There was always one kid who said that he was drinking when he really wasn't, but the other kids weren't so clever and ended up drunk. During the harvest, the workers would all have lunch in the vineyards and would bring their own food and a small barrel of their wine. The kids would hide the wine much to the rage of the workers, and you can imagine how we used to get chased up and down the vineyards.
The irrigation pond
On the estate in the 1960s, there was a large pond that collected water for irrigating the vegetable garden and orchards, but all of the children in the neighbouring village of Sant Pau d'Ordal used it as a swimming pool, and many actually learned to swim in it. Summers spent swimming in the pond were great fun.